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  • 60 sec or less (1 pg) with an off-camera partner

  • camera angles only on you, no reverse shots

  • partner provided (or bring your own)

  • use your own scene or choose from our sample scripts

  • aim for 80/20 dialogue so the focus is on you

  • 1 hour on the location that we’ll provide based on script

Scene production

If you’ve got a scene that you’re dying to shoot for your demo reel or as a clip, we’ve got you covered.

Add-ons are available for hiring a partner actor, receiving coaching prior to our shoot, and finding/tailoring scripts to your needs. You are responsible for your sides and your partner for partner scenes. We will pick your location based on your script.


  • appx. 2 min (2-3 pgs) partner scene

  • multiple camera angles with reverse shot coverage of both actors (50/50 or however you direct the coverage)

  • bring your own partner & material

  • 2 hours on location (location provided based on script)

  • includes 1 round of revisions (additional drafts $50 ea)

demo reel editing

We have a streamlined system to gather your footage, headshot, and special instructions to produce a reel that highlights your best moments with a 5-business day turnaround.


  • 2-3 minute industry standard reel

  • download footage from online or DVDs

  • basic color-correction and audio clean up

  • graphic title card

  • 1 round of revisions

  • delivered via Vimeo with a downloadable link

  • future revisions/additions $50 per version

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