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Creative Ingenuity 


As Andrew Lloyd Weber's highly anticipated musical "Bad Cinderella" made its grand debut on Broadway, the search was on for a partner to elevate the show to new heights with custom-made video content. Our team, fueled by a passion for collaboration, joined forces with the ALW team to craft advertising that would leave audiences spellbound and wanting more.


Andrew Lloyd Weber was set to unveil his highly-anticipated musical "Bad Cinderella" to the world through an array of press outlets. His team turned to us to create a sizzle reel that would set social media ablaze. With a crack team at the ready, we worked at lightning speed and delivered a finished video in a mere 12 hours after the shoot.

Real Townspeople of Belleville

The challenge was set before us - to craft a concept that would encapsulate the very essence of the show and set the standard for all promotional videos during its run. Our team gathered the cast in a studio in Manhattan to capture footage. The final edit was immediately circulated among the Broadway community, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the opening of the show.

Supporting Content

In order to make a splash in the social media landscape, we launched a dynamic social station complete with pulse-pounding questions for use on Instagram and TikTok. These engaging snippets were posted on both the official "Bad Cinderella" account and the actors' personal accounts, driving excitement and buzz. Led by our Creative Director, Tommy Walters, our actors delivered fast-paced and captivating responses that continue to drive traffic and engagement across all platforms.

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