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Case Study

Express B-Roll

Production b-roll capture integrated

into your dress rehearsal.

Striking. Versatile. Fast.

Understanding the show

Synthesis and Flow

Technical Rehearsal

Zipline will meet with all relevant teams to catalog the production's needs and ensure cohesive planning.

For example:

  1. Creative: Requires wide, sweeping shots to showcase scale and choreography.

  2. Technical: Needs the lead actor’s audio track separated for easy post-production manipulation.

  3. Press: Requests a 30-second close-up to highlight a specific actress for late show pitches.

  4. Marketing: Needs whip pans and crash zooms for their shaky camera ad concept.

A Zipline producer will sit in on a tech rehearsal of the show and make a back-of-the-house archival-wide video recording of it, making notes of light, staging, and blocking. This will be shared with their team of camera operators to allow us to nail it the first time - preventing costly reshoots and setups.

Post-Production Calendar

Zipline producers will meet with the leaders of the press and marketing teams to establish a post-production calendar that prioritizes time-to-posting but does not sacrifice quality.


What's one more camera?

The diversity of coverage provides two things:

  • It ensures that every moment of the show is covered in satisfactory framing and quality.

  • It allows multiple types of products.

Zipline's large in-house camera fleet allows:

  • Identical color across all cameras.

  • Significant reduction in post-production time.

  • Guarantees cinematic-level quality.

The Trick

Our express B-roll package is captured during a live dress rehearsal, saving you the time and expense of a dedicated video call. All we need is an empty orchestra (production tables and photographers welcome, as long as they'll dance with us) and a full run of the show.


Video Capture

Up to 7 cameras, at least 4 stationary and 2 roaming - could be a gimbal or handheld depending on style. See the map of the Longacre below for an example plot.

Audio capture

Up to four audio tracks depending on the audio board operator's capabilities. If more flexibility is needed, we can arrange a system to capture additional tracks.



Find the story fast.

Two considerations, seemingly at odds: tell an authentic, gorgeous story about the production, but do it at a speed and quantity to satisfy our modern content appetite.

The only way to get both is with a good plan and hard work. Click the links below to see some sample deliverables and a calendar for how and when they would get done.


We're in this game because we believe in theatre. We're in it because we believe in transformative art, shared in person, surrounded by other human beings. And we're in it because theatre's got an uphill fight.

Our goal is to help theatre speak the language of video fluently. To integrate it into your process, so it's serving your needs and the needs of all your collaborators.

So let's get to work.

Other B-Roll Captures

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