It all starts with a conversation. Through collaboration, we work to understand your goals, story, or brand and create visuals to match. We optimize each shot, edit, logo, and audio clip to work as hard as it can, and know-how to execute a gorgeous TV spot, sexy TikTok, or an elevated social ad. No matter the budget, we grow our team to suit the job. Through our large network of professional contractors, we're able to build a team catered to your project or budget. We only hire the best and plan ahead so that there are no surprises the day of.

Case Study

When 2ST announced their return to Broadway with the highly anticipated revival of Richard Greenberg’s Take Me Out, Second Stage needed a partner to capture video content for the run of the show that would hit the screens of over XXk people and digital billboards that carried the weight of a $k media buy. We had 6 hours to shoot 8 weeks' worth of content at Second Stage Theater’s off-Broadway home at the Tony Kiser Theatre. And we did just that. While simultaneously conducting a photoshoot with Broadway mainstay Matthew Murphy, we seamlessly led a video shoot with twelve actors and three of TV’s biggest stars.

How did we do it? We orchestrated a schedule that allowed actors to cycle through three stations: social media capture, talking head interviews, and bonus green screen content.

Ultimately, what makes the Zipline way so strong is not the beautiful high-quality video, the fast turnaround times, or the network of reliable and experienced contractors, or even the fact that all of this is a one-stop, in-house shop. 


Our real strength is that when we make a video, we take the time to find the story in what we’re making, and tell it as powerfully as possible. To prepare for this project, we didn’t just call up our team members and come to the gig. We read the play. We paid attention to who was playing which characters. We made sure that when we walked in that room, we were not just hired hands holding cameras, we were creative collaborators.

Life’s too short to make boring videos.

Let’s make content that inspires.