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Tommy Walters- @tommypwalters


director/Lead Producer/creative/editor

Tommy received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Muhlenberg College. As an active actor and performer, Tommy brings a unique understanding to Zipline projects as he has always worked in front of and behind the camera. After college, Tommy got hired as an editor and eventually an on-set director at Reproductions in New York City. 


He leads zipline in content ideation and planning, as well as working with talent on-set to bring out their best performance, be it narrative, creative, or non-fiction. He has since gone on to produce for Fortune 500 companies such as Macy's and T-Mobile.

Matt Cerisano- @Mattcerisano


technical Director/Lead Cam Op./outreach/Editor

Matt received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University-New Brunswick, where his films both "Last Night" and "Recurrence" won Campus Moviefest two years in a row, along with being a Ridgewood Film Festival Finalist. After graduating, Matt moved to New York City to work in the video department at Reproductions and to launch zipline.


He leads zipline in making sure that we get that 'perfect' money shot, and that all things technological run smoothly. He has filmed for musical acts such as H.E.R. as well as collaborated with the dancers of American Ballet Theater.

MIKE CERISANO- @mjcerisano

head of development and Production/Editor 

Mike received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Rutgers University, New Brunswick. After graduating, Mike worked as a stagehand for Production Resource Group. Thereafter his work at Reproductions as Lead Cinematographer allowed him to film, produce, and edit projects of varying subject and scope. He has since gone on to work on TV shows such as Billions and Wu-Tang Clan as Lead Video Playback.


This year his pilot, "After Life", is screening at festivals across the country. He has also shot many other projects, including the short film, "RAW PIECES", which recently screened at the Big Apple Film Festival and the web series "Insomnia".